East Coast Basements
and Bedrooms

Big Ups
ONCE Ballroom [Somerville, MA]
w/ Lilith, Hexpet, Bellows | fb | tix
La Vitrola [Montreal, QC]
w/ Stegosaurus, Common Holly, Bellows | fb
Smiling Buddha [Toronto, ON]
w/ Bellows | fb | tix
Marble Bar [Detroit, MI]
w/ Don't, Bellows | fb | tix
Beat Kitchen [Chicago, IL]
w/ Yeesh, Bellows | fb | tix
Mahall's Locker Room [Lakewood, OH]
w/ Youth Pallet, Small Wood House, Bellows | fb | tix
Double Happiness [Columbus, OH]
w/ The Roof Dogs, Emily and The Complexes, Bellows | fb | tix
The East Room [Nashville, TN]
w/ Daddy Issues, Terror Pigeon, Bellows | fb
Ba Sing Se [Pittsburgh, PA]
w/ Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes, Hearken | fb
Alphaville [Brooklyn, NY]
w/ Grass Is Green, Lady Pills | link